Caring, Honest, Compassionate

Ed Klapproth for Clark County Public Administrator


Ed Klapproth with Assemblyman John Hambrick (left) and School Board Trustee Patricia Tew (right).

As a concerned citizen and former public servant, I have seen the best and the worst of our government bureaucratic system. I have worked with many residents of our county who have been burdened by rules and regulations imposed on them by unsympathetic bureaucrats and uncaring public officials.

My goal is to give the citizens of Clark County the most efficient and cost effective government in order to make their lives easier. As the Public Administrator is entrusted with overseeing the estates of our deceased loved ones, there are very few, if any, offices in our county that match the need for honesty, compassion and care as that of the Public Administrator. As a public official my solemn pledge is to approach the problems facing our county's residents with compassion and determination, putting my experience as a former small business owner, educator and public servant to work.

It is time to return our government to a place where the people have a voice and their concerns are put first and foremost, instead of those of special interest groups and career politicians. It is time to put honesty, civility and efficiency back into our government.

Ed Klapproth

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